Jeremy Le

Game Designer and Researcher


I'm a game designer with a passion for analyzing game mechanics and crafting memorable experiences.

Most recently, I worked at Activision Central Design in Santa Monica, CA.
Previous to that, I worked as a researcher on Activision's User Research team.

I am currently playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,
Overwatch, and Hitman.

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Previous Work - Game Design

I worked as a contract designer at Infinity Ward in 2016 leading up to the launch of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. I took on myriad roles while I was there, including the following:

MP - Progression, Economy, Loot

  • Mission Teams, multiplayer factions - concept, lead design, balance
  • Armory - economy design, UX design
  • Loot Items - concept, initial designs, naming, documentation


  • UI feature design (MP loadout, stat screens, armory)
  • Wireframes, mockups, and comps
  • Quartermaster - character behavior

Character Work

  • QR-M5TR, the Quartermaster - character concept, writing, voiceover coaching and support, scripting
  • Mission Team Commanders - cinematics, character concept, writing, voiceover coaching and support

Previous Work - User Research

At Activision User Research, I served as the lead researcher on the Call of Duty - Zombies franchise, as well as its other PVE game modes such as Ghosts's Extinction or Advanced Warfare's EXO Zombies.

Conducting user tests on a hardcore, round-based survival game with intentionally obfuscated mechanics and objectives was a joy each year, especially with such inspired dev teams. It's a unique challenge to apply user-centered design to the mystifying scavenger hunt of death that is Call of Duty - Zombies.

Some numbers:

  • 5 Call of Duty games
  • 7 PVE game modes
  • 19 unique maps/levels
  • Observed 1,000+ hours of live gameplay
  • At least 20 broken headsets and controllers
  • [?] easter eggs undiscovered
  • ∞ excuses for dying

And my many other projects...

Benjamin Salisbury and the
Clockwork Zombies

USC Interactive Media and Gamepipe final games project.

Old Stuff

Ancient history, including my education at USC.